Far from Japan, there was a country under the sea.
Individuals with music affinity, not known to each other, bound by Moe.

Influenced and in the grasp by the gods, they use their newfound power to spread the word.
The word of the Manekineko of Destiny.
We are Yorishiro.


Vocals Active: May 2014 - present
Anime pulled me into J-rock and J-rock pushed me to become
musician. I love the style of Girugamesh, The Gazette and Dir en Grey.
Besides music, I love cooking and eating.

-[ Fav Anime]-
Binbougami ga!
Azumanga Daioh!

-[ Best girl ]-
Osaka (Kasuga Ayumu)

-[ Gear ]-
Shure SM58


Vocals, Guitar Active: May 2014 - present

Loves many kind of music and loves to play various instruments.
Music is life. Also noodles, anime, games and reading <3
I cannot remember anymore what got me into anime in the first place,
but I’m at a point of no return and loving it.
From death metal to Hatsune Miku, there’s lots I like.

-[ Fav Anime]-
Monogatari Series
Serial Experiments Lain

-[ Best girl ]-
Oshino Shinobu (Monogatari Series)

-[ Gear ]-
PRS SE Paul Allender signature with Bill Lawrence L500xl pickups
ESP E-AL-128
ENGL Powerball II
Shure SM58


Bass Active: February 2015 - present

As a child I was already interested in playing music,
wanting to play drums at a young age later in my life I switched to playing bass
as I simply enjoyed it more and enjoyed having both the rhythm that drums offered and the melody a guitar offers.
My brother first introduced me into metal, I embraced it quickly and enjoyed listening to it
as one of my favorite types of music Dream Theater being my favourite band of all time.
Besides music I enjoy studying sciences especially biology, traveling and playing video games.

-[ Fav Anime]-
Death Note

-[ Best girl ]-
My gf? :p

-[ Gear ]-
Ken Smith BSR 6 Elite (6 string)
Ibanez SR505 (5 string)


Drums Active: June 2016 - Present

As a kid I had to choose between guitar or Piano, but I had too much energy.
So I started playing the drums when I was 6. I was inspired by rock since I was
10 years old and started watching anime like Naruto and Bleach.
I always loved the music and started to play songs from Full Metal Alchemist.
Then I got my double bass kick and the metal started to kick in! Many years later I still love J-rock/metal
So Go go go go go go go!

-[ Fav Anime]-

Full metal Alchemist
Sword art online
Death note

-[ Best girl ]-
Winry Rockbell

-[ Gear ]-
Pro Mark
Yamaha Stage Custom

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