How did this all start?
In the beginning, our founding members have their origin from anime and J-music from Hatsune Miku and J-rock bands. It was through a forum, where we found each other and made our promise to start writing our own J-rock music.
We had a lot of obstacles along the road, from missing key members/instruments and not knowing our direction. We are still rolling hard and aiming for stars

What inspired you to make J-rock?
What makes J-rock awesome, is the freedom to have many variations of style. It could go full blown metal or go with a nice jazzy flow. This has made it hard for us to find our own style in the beginning. Eventually we found our direction and we keep on writing our music in this awesome genre.

Why "Yorishiro"?
It took us a whole year to come up with it. We wanted a brutal name such as "Kami Goroshi", but after some discussions the meaning of Yorishiro was the main reason why we chose it.
It fits perfect with the Manekineko and our path and mission set on good course! For more information about the meaning of Yorishiro, you can check this wikipage.

What is Moe?
I refer you guys to this wikipage, but in short:
Moe describes the strong urges/feeling you have for a character, in terms of adoration, affection and devotion.